Sunday, February 7, 2010

Article by LC Vicar General in l"Osservatore Romano Disconcerting for Catholics...........Catolicos Confusos por articulo del Vicario General en periodico Vaticano

Dear friends,
you may now be aware that on or about 5 February, 2010, the Spanish edition of the L'O. R. published an article on the priesthood by Fr. Luis Garza, vicar general of the Legion of Christ

This information was reported by the El Trastevere Blog in Spanish.

CNA, a heretofore Legion of Christ ally, picked it up, too 

People ask, How can this be, an article written about the priesthood by the hand-chosen successor of the priest sexual pervert, Marcial Maciel, founder of the order, while a Vatican investigation is ongoing, the investigation is supposed to analyze the charism of the Legion in its spirituality, the training system and apostolic strategies.

However, the Legion has been known to "pull a fast one" even on the Vatican.

This was the case in 2005, when The Legion put out the news that there was no Vatican investigation of Fr. Maciel, at the precise moment that the investigation was happening. This writer  participated in the investigation of the Maciel.  In May, 2005 the Legion was putting the word that the investigation was not happening. They were able to lead many media outlets up the p, creating confusion by pitting the Vatican Press Office against the Office for the Doctrine of the Faith. REGAIN, INC. was perhaps the only media that called Legion's bluff  It also reminded the public that Vatican offices do not make official statements about the investigations that are ongoing.

Here, the message seems to be similar: We are undergoing a thorough investigation of the Vatican, but business is as usual, just look at our superior publish an article in the official newspaper of the Vatican!

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Queridos amigos,

Quiza Ud ya se dio cuenta que el  5 de febrero 2010 la edición española de l' Osservatore Romano publico un artículo de Luis Garza, Vicario General de la Legión de Cristo

Asi informo el blog de Trastevere, en español, véase enlace para el articulo

La gente se pregunta
?Como puede ser esto, un artículo sobre el sacerdocio escrito por la mano el elegido Sucesor del sacerdote pervertido sexual, Marcial Maciel, fundador de la orden?  Mientras que una investigación del Vaticano este activa; Supuestamente la investigación es para analizar el carisma de la Legión en su espiritualidad, el sistema de formación y estrategias apostólicas.

Sin embargo, la Legión ha sabido enganiar incluso al Vaticano en otras ocasiones

Este fue el caso en 2005, cuando la Legión saco a noticia de que no hubo ninguna investigación del Vaticano del P.. Maciel, en el preciso momento en que la investigacion estaba sucediendo. Este escritor participo en la investigación de FR. Maciel a comienzos de abril 2005. En mayo, la Legión informo a los medios de comunication que la investigación no estaba en marcha. Ellos Fueron Capaces de enganiar a muchos  medios de comunicación, Crearon confusión al enfrentar a la Oficina de Prensa del Vaticano con la Doctrina de la Re. REGAIN, INC lue quizás el único órgano que alerto a Catolicos de la treta de la Legion,
señalando además que las oficinas del Vaticano no hacen Declaraciones publicas mientres una investigacion este todavia activa.

Aquí, la estrategia de la Legion parece ser similar: para desorientar al Publico y a sus propios miembros siembran confusion, diciendo algo como:
Estamos experimentando una profunda investigación del Vaticano, pero el negocio va como de costumbre; nuestro superior acaba de publicar un artículo en el periódico oficial del Vaticano!

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  1. and they are having a Youth and Family Encounter (YFE) in late Feb in Mexico just weeks before the final report is due in from the visitation!

  2. This is typical strategy; a form of denial: nothing is happening

  3. I don't think so, in Italy, where I live, the activities are increasing, but at the same time the number of members is decreasing (e.g. the number of candidates as consacrated women is halved last year, the number of fans on facebook page of RC Italia is just 30).
    Vittorio Messori, last week, was in a TV Show (L'Infedele of Gad Lerner) and he confirmed that Maciel had a harem as well as abused some seminarists. I think that the behaviour of Fr. Garza is normal. I mean, he studied an MBA and he have this economical forma mentis, which allows him to consider the Christian religion as a company (it is ridiculous because he try to be a modern Father of the Church, as Sant'Agostino for instance, but his books, “La battaglia per l´anima del mondo - Sfide per il cristano del ventunesimo secolo“ are really stupid and boring (it needs just the cash flow analysis and it is a good business plan)). I think that the critics of Heinrich Schlier are valid for the LC.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    I suspect you speak Italiano!
    Thank you for the update on the LC/RC in la Bella Italia.
    Alejandro Espinosa. author of "El Legionario" was the first, I believe, to coin the phrase "Maciel's harem of light-skinned boys".

    I find your take on Luis Garza very interesting and useful, as well as humorous, him making himself a modern St Augustine.

    It is hard for a person who is not in touch with himself and his feelings to be a good writer, as is the case with most members of the Movement.

    Enlighten me about the criticism of Heinrich Schlier

  5. Thank you irishmexican43. Unfortunately, I have to improve my English... Anyway, LC/RC are really similar to the scenario described by Orwell in his masterpiece Animal Farm...

  6. Caro/a Anonymous,
    your English is fine. Keep the comments comming. They are enlightening
    Adelante, or Avvanti!

    PS Alejandro Espinosa's heart-rending memoir is "El Legionario", only in Spanish, through

  7. Alejandro, now a senior citizen living in precarios financial situation in rural Mexico was one of Maciel's 'fair-skinned boy'. Oh, the pain!