Friday, October 30, 2009

Miami archdiocese barrs Legion and Regnum Christi [Oct. 30, 2009]

it is now on some Catholic blogs and news papers; the public announcement came from Zenit, which is or used to be a Legion apostolate. It is based on a stiff letter from the chancery.
Informed Catholics of this diocese are sick of the Legion and Regnum not following diocesan guidelines and agreements and walking all over the bishop's authority.

Prestigious and balanced Catholic News Agency ran the story

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  1. The letter from the Archbishop banning the LC/RC comes after the actions of the RC at my parish. It is incredible that they were able to come in, promote their clubs, try to get involved in the school.... when they knew they had absolutely no permission to do so. Even more incredible is that our pastor brought them here. Thankfully the concern from a very large number of school parents and parishioners was heard and action was taken