Saturday, February 11, 2017

All the Uptodate Action on the LC/RC mostly in SPANISH

Dear Readers,
sorry for the long hiatus, but you know I have been escaping the legal attentions of my nemesis, the Legion of Christ, so prompt to practice their brand of Charity by persecuting and calumniating those who beg to differ from their divine wisdom.. I'm only joking, the Legion would never sue those who critique their deceptive Modus Operandi regarding recruiting, holding members or expelling those members who are not fully "integrated" and docile to their all-knowing superiors and spiritual directors who are brain-washers in disguise.

Anywho, what I wanted to say is that the Spanish speaking disaffected, joined by some of the bilingual and English persuasion, have a very vibrant Facebook page called Legioleaks
Over 1,300 not happy campers

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