Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Columba Bush a member of Regnum Christi? Legion of Christ & Regnum Christi Recruiting the Heavies?


 A hurried investigation with the help of Google brought up the following info for a friend seeking info re Jeb Bush's wife and whether the LC/RC has other powerful Catholics or Conservatives in its posse...


·     you seem to have found out that Columba Bush is a member of the Regnum Christi Catholic Organization spawned by disgraced founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel, Legionary of Christ.
·         Ever since the 2009 revelations about the scandalous life of the Founder, MM, the Legion of Christ has tried to separate itself from him. The Regnum Christi Lay Movement has been trying to separate itself from the Legion of Christi. Nevertheless, the RC is still dependent on the LC as the priests are still the superiors and the spiritual directors of the RC consecrated lay people, mostly female.
·         You know that Vows of Silence film was done by Jason Berry and that as an investigative reporter he is number one regarding LC/RC; he has been studying it for years since getting involved around the mid 90s… and his book, Vows of Silence:
is groundbreaking; he has been studying the phenomenon since and writes for National Catholic Reporter.
·         If you want to annoy the LC/RC you might say that they are the Catholic Scientologists, because of the parallels you are discovering. They also go after big fish as you say: people who are powerful with money (The Domino’es Pizza man, Tom Monaghan) and political influence, some Catholic intellectuals (Mary Ann Glendon ? who got a post in the Vatican….
·         Jeff Bush gave the keynote address at one of the LC.RC Family Conferences a few years back;


17 de ene. de 2012 - The Legionaries of Christ is a Catholic religious order founded in 1941 by ... from many conservative leaders and celebrities, who spoke at conferences, ... They include Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush, Mel Gibson, William Bennett, 

Jeb Bush | The Confluence
The charismatic Mexican, who founded the Legion of Christ in 1941, sent ... by which each Legionary swore never to speak ill of Maciel, or the superiors, and to ... Thomas Monaghan, singer Placido Domingo, politicians Jeb Bush and Rick ...

comments on Vows Of Silence -- Marcial Maciel, the Legion ...

sickening.....the Legion of Christ needs to be dissolved......that whole order is ... Imagine Jeb Bush, Michael Bennet, Michael Novak & the RNC feasting on the .... first get there in the first 5 to 10 mins of the priests speaking stand up and scream ...
21 de jun. de 2012 - Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, ..... which had Mary Ann Glendon, the Harvard law professor and former U.S. ...
Legionary of Christ fathered child with daughter of Catholic intellectual Mary Ann Glendon:

Former priest to marry mother of his child - NY Daily News

5 de dic. de 2013 - The child's mother is the daughter of Mary Ann Glendon, one of Pope ... the onetime public face of the disgraced Legion of Christ religious order ...
Children, George P. Bush, Noelle Bush, Jeb Bush, Jr. Parent(s), José María Garnica ... An active Roman Catholic, she is a member of Regnum Christi. In 2007 ...

Article cited by Bishops Accountability states Jeb is a member of Regnum Christi. This blogger doubts and wonders who stupid that would be for a potential presidential candidate.  But sometimes the desire for power and influence can make a man sell his soul to the Legion of Christ...

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