Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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Part 2

We were saying that Legion Founder, Marcial Maciel, an impulsive and voracious pedophile would have
  • Abused around a hundred of his seminarians; maybe more. Remember that most victims of pedophilia keep silent, and that is partially why it is so difficult to get statistics.
  • ·        There are no hard facts regarding how many victims become perpetrators. Prudentially, and based on my readings of the psychological literature, shall we say 10% of victims become perpetrators. So now we have a very conservative calculation that Maciel would have spawned 10 or more sexually abusing religious/priests.
  • ·        The bad news is that Maciel created an environment of silence, deceit and control that breeds sexual abuse.
  • ·        The other piece of bad news is that during the foundation period Maciel was not the only predator who abused the prospective seminarians in the Apostolic Schools (junior seminaries) where boys were groomed from as early as 10 years old to become priests (or sexual abuse victims). There is historical proof that one of Fr. Maciel’s earliest collaborators in Tlalpam, Mexico, Fr. Luis Ferreira, was an active abuser. Ferreira and Maciel attempted to blackmail each other into silence! (See published documents in La Voluntad de No Saber, “Not wanting to know”, only in Spanish:
  •  The other bad news is that very often Maciel, in order to reward and control his victims often made them superiors. With their authority/power over the subjects their inclination could be more easily satisfied.
  •   There needs to be further study regarding “intergenerational pedophilia” in the Legion of Christ; Maciel abuses Guillermo Izquierdo (not to be confused with his twin brother, Gustavo Izquierdo), who become novice master, and abuses novices in Ireland and possibly the USA; one of Izquierdo’s Irish victims becomes a superior and abuses a novice under his care, etc. etc.
We will need to discuss other issues including Fr. Maciel's special charism and how the Legion has dealt with sexually abusing members, what it does, where it sends them, etc.


  1. And where is the Legion standing? They always said no to Fr. Izquierdo accusations... then become a clear reality; he was pedophile. Why the Legion does not release the names...?

    1. Legion is all about image and appearances as a creation of the Master of Deceit, or the "The Illusionist" as Alejandro Espinosa calls him in his latest book.
      So the Legion must protect its perfect image at all costs.
      In a case like Fr. William Izquierdo the first it will do is DENY that fact and discredit the accusers (as in the Maciel case)
      They will leave him where he is so as not to give credence to the accusations
      Later, they will move him away from the places where he has abused thus making it more difficult for the victims to confront him or bring him to justice. The Legion only reports it to authorities when the abuse is undeniable or has come before a civil court (such as in the case of Fr. John O'Reilly in Chile).
      They may move him away from contact with minors
      They play for time, until he grows old.
      Now they say that Fr. William is very old and is becoming senile (a call to our compassion); he is to old to be prosecuted....
      "Victims, give up and leave him and the Legion of Christ alone"