Tuesday, November 4, 2014

LC PARTIAL UPDATE: One LC sent to Nigeria, 3 to Psychiatrist, another leaves Legion and Priesthood and suspected Pedophiles together in Cancun


  • "Fr  Hubert Riner, German LC stationed in Playa del Carmen, was sent to NIGERIA, AFRICA:  where he will be for  2 months...blogger does not know why he would be sent  close to EBOLA. Reward or Punishment? Supposed to return in the New Year to Cancun...One imagines he will be in quarantine on his return.
  • It is reported that Frs. Jorge Morales, Adolfo Flores, Benito Aguilar & Leonardo Nuñes are under psychiatric care 
  • Jose Maria Sabin Sabin leaves Legion and Priesthood
  • Suspected LC Pedophiles living under the roof of Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo on Bonampak Ave in Cancun: (blogger suppresses names):  JMP & JAB, 
  • Deseased are former leaders Frs. Alvaro Corcuera y Jesùs Blàsquez

  •  UNCENSORED: y la Legiòn al ridìculo en los medios juveniles y de media cultura ante la indiferencia por las nuevas constituciones que valen lo mismo que cualquier papel de baño porque a nadie le importa lo que digan, Ni al Vaticano ni a la cupula legionaria ni a los gobiernos civiles ni a los socios empresariales 

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