Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Legionaries of Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict with the then Superior General, Fr. Alvaro Corcuera. Present Superior General is a companion of Fr. Alvaro, Fr. Eduardo Robles Gil; both are from the founding group of Mexican Regnum Christi "consecrated males" (mostly from the Anahuac University) who were promoted by Fr. Maciel to the priesthood.


From the official documents of the Extraordinary General Chapter of the Legion of Christ, Jan-Feb 2014

Statement about the Path of Renewal


“From this point of view, we have considered the reprehensible and objectively immoral behavior of Fr. Maciel, which merited the sanctions that, at the time, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith justly imposed on him. Our founder died in 2008. We ask God to have mercy on him. At the same time, we want to express our deep sorrow for the abuse of minor seminarians, the immoral acts with men and women who were adults, the arbitrary use of his authority and of material goods, the indiscriminate consumption of addictive medicines and the act of presenting writings published by third parties as his own. We find the incongruity of presenting oneself as a priest and a witness of the faith continuously for decades while hiding this immoral behavior to be incomprehensible.
We firmly condemn this. We are grieved that many victims and other affected persons have waited so long in vain for an apology and an act of reconciliation on the part of Fr. Maciel. Today, we would like to issue that apology as we express our solidarity with these persons.

“These events and situations could have done away with our religious Congregation had we not been accompanied by God’s mercy and the Church’s maternal care, which found expression in the resolute interventions of His Holiness Benedict XVI.”

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