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(2) Thomas Williams Agonistes

[Literary note: the title of Mr. Ruse's Crisis Magazine article on the reappearance of Thomas Williams in public life seems to harken back to a review T. W. wrote on Amazon regarding a book called C.S. Lewis Agonistes and which reads as follows:]
Does Not Disappoint,
March 12, 2006

This review is from: Lewis Agonistes: How C.S. Lewis Can Train Us to Wrestle with the Modern and Postmodern World (Paperback)
I've read so many books on Lewis, many of them disappointing, that I'm always wary when I begin a new one. I picked up Lewis Agonistes because of the promise in its subtitle--that I would gain insights from Lewis' work on how to relate truth to the postmodern world. Almost every Lewis reader understands that the great British writer's incisive logic and imagination effectively sliced through modern thought, but perhaps few consider how he also addresses the postmodern error. Markos did not disappoint me. His book demonstrates a rich understanding of Lewis' body of work and does an insightful job of showing how it refutes both modern and postmodern thinking. It's a fine addition to anyone's Lewis Library. -- Thomas Williams, author of The Heart of the Chronicles of Narnia and Knowing Aslan.
Blogger notes: it would seem that Thomas Williams possesses a knowledge of Christian apologetic and of the work on the great CS Lewis.

The article provoking this and the previous blog was taken down shortly after it appeared. It seems that the reactions to the article by Mr Ruse were "controversial", passionate and/or divisive and the editors intervened. This blogger did not see the comments and so cannot express an opinion in their regard. We was able to salvage the article before it was taken down. Later, he may want to formulate his personal critique of the article -rather than of the life and times of Thomas Williams as such.

The article seems to have disappeared from the Internet.

The blogger could only find the opening paragraph, below:

Thomas Williams Agonistes

Each of us is called to discern the spirits that approach our heart. We must discern if they are good and to let them in or evil and to run away. While true for all of us, this is even more urgent for those under vows or promises because they have made these vows and promises to others and to God Himself.
A married person must dispel the evil spirit that tempts him from his wife. So too must a priest resist. Failure is an act of grave evil.
It is with this understanding that one approaches the breaking of the vow of chastity by a priest. It is with understanding that I must approach the subject even of a priest friend who broke this vow.
I have known Thomas Williams for many years. I first came to know him when he was helping to convert a dear female friend I was also helping to convert. Even then I thought they were too cozy and I worried, as did others. It is not uncommon that single orthodox women have what you might call “priest boyfriends,” that is, close friends who are priests. It is something that we chuckle about, at least nervously. Nothing (
untoward happens in most cases....the author went on to say)

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and then Crisis Magazine says:

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