Friday, December 6, 2013

Legion Superiors Lie through their teeth regarding Sexually Abusing Novice Master, Fr. Guillermo Izquierdo.

In yesterday's articles Former Vicar General and actual US Provincial, Fr. Luis Garza, is quoted as saying that he received complaints against Fr. Izquierdo in 2012. This is a blatant lie, unless Legion superiors do not communicate among themselves -when it does not suit them!- or they don't keep archives.

In 2005, REGAIN, Inc,  published serious allegations against Fr. Izquierdo including a letter from Legion superiors that Fr. Izquierdo no longer had contact with people. 

See article

The American public finds it hard to believe that a priest can tell such blatant lies. Welcome to the Legion of Christ! Legion superiors will say whatever it takes to cover their tails, to avoid responsibility, and to protect their image, just like their Father Maciel did.

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