Monday, May 13, 2013

Legion Blog Features Fr. Williams Leaving Priesthood

The Regnum Christi blog features Fr. Williams Leaving the Priesthood and has allowed comments pro and con
Kudos to Legion/Regnum openness


  1. They still practice strict censorship. Criticism must a Legion friendly?

    1. So in your opinion, should I be careful with what I write to my friend who is a member of the Legion of Christ?

    2. I am away from home and struggling with compu
      I was trying to say...
      Since the Maciel scandal in 2009 and the Vatican Visitation the Legion's "monolithic unity" =complete control of its members, may not be what it was; I notice some lcs are using another email address besides the official "legionaries of Christ"
      I imagine that the
      1] "old guard" still exists =still basically aligned with the Legion that Maciel made;
      2] there may be others in the middle = "trying to remain faithful but confused", and finally
      3 those who" begin to doubt, are doubting, and may be leaving"

      In general there is much control of information -incoming and outgoing and internal
      Steve Hassan, "Freedom of Mind" has coined the BITE term which refers to high demand groups' control of Behavior, Information, Thinking, and Emotions... and this still goes for the Legion. The "free spirits" find it very hard to stay. But the longer you stay the harder it is to leave because as you get older your options decrease.
      A Spanish writer described a cult as "a group that is very easy to join and very hard to leave"

  2. Anonymous had written: "They did not allow my cynical comment"