Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cardinal De Paolis Continues to Ordain Fr. Maciel's Immature Little Lead Soldiers

[with one exception!*]

Will Conservative Catholics be deceived once more by External Appearances, including the facade of Doctrinal Orthodoxy, and  continue to support an order that produces such seriously flawed priests?

Cardinal de Paolis and Legion Superiors keep denying the serious problems in their training system and continue to produce psychologically immature young priests. The Catholic Hierarchy is happy with the numbers but neglects the quality, despite the appearances - and the Legion is all about appearances and deceit,
appearances that deceive

"Look at the king's magic suit of clothes!" - and what wonderful clothes he is wearing today, those immaculately cut golden chasubles...those haircuts and hairstyle all combed the same, the cuff-links, the shining shoes, those "shining morning faces" reflecting innocence, chastity, and "holiness" that old ladies love to see in their priests...

"The system", created by Pedophile and Psychopath Founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel, continues to churn out the numbers

Read De Paolis excuse for not seriously examining and reforming the order

And lest I become another 'disgruntled old man' I must say that whatever goodness, honesty, and virtue these young men possess they got it from their families. In the Legion they are taught about the superiority of the Legion, the importance of appearances, the obsessive observation of minute rules that substitute for a personally formed conscience, and blind obedience to unscrupulous superiors who will employ any means to reach their goals.
* I must make an exception for Andrew, the son of Mary and Dana Dalton; with those parents he must be one of the good guys.
And I suppose the same could be said about each of the other individuals ordained. Chesterton said, tongue in cheek, "Generalizations are odious". So, I stand corrected. As products of the system they are all flawed. As children of their parents, they are all worthy of admiration and respect.

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