Thursday, September 6, 2012

Legion Dismisses Priest for Questioning Reform

Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo, LC., bishop of Quintana Roo, Mexico, who just shafted dissident Legionary Pablo Perez Guajardo.

[From Life after LC.RC]

Rev. Pablo Pérez Guajardo, ordained an LC priest in 1991, has been removed from priestly ministry and denied all recourse in the Prelature of Quintana Roo, Mexico, where he has labored tirelessly as pastor and social advocate of some of the poorest indigenous communities of the LC mission territory for over 15 years. Padre Pablo’s crime? Speaking out truthfully and courageously about the nightmarish legacy of Fr. Maciel and the frustrating farse of the LC’s phantom reform to anyone who would listen… and to more than a few who wouldn’t.

The only glimpse of the rationale behind the heavy-handed sanctions so gratuitously deposited on Fr. Pablo’s slight but steadfast shoulders appears in a carefully choreographed exchange of letters between Rodolfo Mayagoitia, LC (LC superior) and Mons. Pedro Pablo Elizondo, LC (bishop of the Prelature). Fr. Pablo was never received personally by the bishop regarding his elimination, despite his request for an interview. Elizondo disingenuously cites CDC n.682 to justify this travesty, accusing Padre Pablo of ‘upsetting the ecclesial harmony of the Prelature’. He is ominously advised in a post script to adhere to his punishment or suffer the full force of a Canonical clobbering.

This was a Machiavellian move in the best Maciel tradition. The local superior, the bishop, PP Elizondo, LC, tells the Regional/Provincial Superior, Mayagoitia, that he cannot have Fr. Guarjardo in his diocese, that he is not welcome for xyz excuses...
But it is really the really itself, the institution, that cannot countenance doubt or criticism.

Remember, if you have a critical mind, don't join the Legion of Christ.
If you have a questioning mind, do not join the LC
If you are docile and willing to believe whatever you are told, join the other sheep who join the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement.
below is Elizondo's letter with the trumped up reasons why he can't accept Fr. Guajardo en the diocese 'he is disturbing the peace and harmony of the Church.' The priest has served the faithful here already for 15 years so basically he is being told to leave; he is being expelled from ministry by his own religious order.

Now what may be happening....Legion intrigue... is that Mayagoitia has ordered Elizondo to get rid of Guajardo. Elizondo is just following orders from further up...

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  1. No se puede ser "anónimo" en internet eso por quien sugiere anonimar el comentario.
    Que a este sacerdote incorrupto lo expulsen los propios Legionarios de Cristo
    es como ser vomitado por un sapo asqueroso. ¿más claro?
    Quiero conocer a alguien que estando frente al arca abierta, la cierra y se va
    machucando a quienes ya habían metido la mano varias veces.
    Este es.