Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Loved Ones are Leaving!

See the title of this years-old blog?

Some of our  Loved ones are finally getting the message and are leaving.

As writer Peter Kingsland puts it: the Oriol[e]s are flying the coop

The Vatican, spurred by Catholic reporters, Catholic groups like REGAIN, and blogs like life.after.rc. and a host of other blogs and web pages, and following its own investigations opened the gates.

The members themselves, particularly the truthful, honest, and earnest Consecrated Women of RC (some of the male RC and Legionaries are still stubbornly stuck in the their allegiance to the Pedophile Founder and his Mythical Charism) are walking out the door.

And former Legionary priest, Thomas Berg, is encouraging them

How things have changed since the first whistle blowers were ignored, ridiculed, shunned, shouted down and even threatened and sued!

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