Monday, January 23, 2012

What is the Legion's Charism?

"What is, in any case, the charism of this congregation? What is it that moves hundreds and thousands of people to feel part of it, even despite the founder's stigma? What specific vocation can the Legion have now? According to the author,

"the apostolic fruits appear concretely in the number of vocations, and the number of consecrated members incorporated, as well as the money that is raised.

This is the Legion's real charism: internal growth and money. The means became the end. Everything points towards this goal. The evangelization of society has become a secondary objective. It is evident therefore that the Legion cannot deny that internal growth and the desperate and limitless pursuit of funds are its charism; these are the seeds sown by the founder. The Legion, therefore, needs a total conversion."

Roberto Blancarte (Mexican religion writer)
Prologue to Former Local Director Consecrated RC member, Nelly Ramirez', book analyzing the Regnum Christi lay Movement
El Reino de Marcial Maciel, La Vida Oculta de la Legion de Cristo y el Regnum Christi. (2011): Mexico City; editorial Planeta,
The Kingdom of Marcial Maciel,  The Hidden life of the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi

Excerpt from Prologue translated by blogger

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