Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wall St., The Legion, and the Vatican

Jose Barba, the blogger [standing], Jason Berry and a Cuban journalist

Dear Catholic Parent,

While the USA TV airs indignated protestors on Wall Street few, I believe, consider the direct moral accountability of Goldman Sachs in all this mess; much less are they aware of the fact that only a few months ago 
the Legion of Christ and Vicar General Luis Garza Medina promoted  a two day symposium at the Vatican on "Ethics and Economics" (Goldman Sachs was one of those prominently included in the show).

On both these days the conference began with a
mass at Saint Peter's Basilica. Cardinal De Paolis himself celebrated one of those two rituals. 

Is not this a travesty of Christianity as the "good
news" religion for the poor?

These are moments when we should remind people with short memories
who are the true friends of the Legion of Christ, supposedly devoted to establish the Kingdom of Christ on earth. Do not these facts, well observed, prove again and again that the LC is nothing more than meticulous window dressing just like Marcial Maciel
was all through his life? Can't the Vatican analyze the news and reach the necessary conclusions? And what does Zenith Agency have to say about this?

With affection,

Jose Barba, PhD Harvard

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