Monday, October 3, 2011

Archbishop Dolan Sucks Up to Legion of Christ

 "Sucks up" according to a Legion-tinted report
Living the Truth:

New York Archbishop tells Legionaries he admires them as they “stand at the feet of Christ”

Thornwood, New York --

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan considers having a Legionary house in New York a “jewel in the crown of the Archdiocese.”

This is one of the comments the Archbishop made to the members of the Legion during a September 15, 2011, visit to the Thornwood Center in Thornwood, New York.

Priests from across the country had just completed their annual spiritual exercises at Thornwood on the previous day. The Archbishop came to celebrate Mass at the invitation of Fr Julio Marti, LC. The date of September 15 was chosen because it is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, a principal feast for the Legion.

Archbishop Dolan told the 40 priests concelebrating with him and the 100 religious brothers attending that he had known and admired the Legionaries since he was a seminarian in Rome in 1972.

“He said his admiration has increased seeing us living in truth, no matter how much pain, sorrow and embarrassment we have suffered,” said Fr. Michael Brisson, LC, community superior of the Legionaries in Thornwood. “We should stand at the feet of Christ and never lose sight of him.”

During his remarks, the Archbishop focused on the presence of Mary in the life of Christ and the Church. She was present in the two most famous scenes of Christ’s life, his birth in Bethlehem and his death on Calvary. Archbishop Dolan suggested his listeners take a lesson from Mary, who knew how to live both in times of joy and in times of sorrow.

After Mass, the Archbishop asked to be able to visit with each person present.

“And he did just that!” said Fr. Michael. “He spent the next hour shaking hands, laughing with and encouraging everyone.”


  1. Paul:

    I think the operative notion here is, as you say, "according to a Legion-tinted report." I'm not terribly troubled that Archbishop Dolan dropped by and spoke a few kind words to the Legion. At the end of the day, a few kind words isn't worth much. I suspect that if we saw the text of Dolan's actual statement, it wouldn't amount to much more than a few pithy comments.

  2. Frank I,
    I appreciate the sober note in your comment; and there is no doubt that the Legion/Regnum will always try to spin whatever Church leaders say to them. They could not do that, however, with Archbishop O'Brien, formerly of Baltimore; but may he did not help his ecclesiastical career by opposing them