Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Should I become a Legionary or a Dominican

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Legion of Christ

I just hear about this order yesterday and I've been very interested in becoming a Dominican but figured I should keep other orders in mind. So, like I said, I read about this order yesterday and it looked very authentic in its love of Christ and the Church.

Then I read some things about the founder, and that really turned me off. Then I came across a site, who's trustworthiness is questionable, that claimed the order was cult like and sought to remove any sense of individuality, privacy, and even one's free will.

So my question is this: Now that a Papal Delegate has been placed over the order, is the order going to be stripped of these negative features, or are things going to remain unchanged with just different leadership? You probably have a video on the topic since now I see you have a few videos on this stuff, but I just came across one video now so I have no come across your testimony before.

Pax Christi

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  1. The Legion of Christ was -and maybe still is- the best packaged Vocation product on the market; it comes wrapped in wonderfully attractive paper:
    Doctrinal Orthodoxy -for these times of confusion and wishy-washy teaching;
    Militancy for these times of lukewarm and wimpy commitment to Jesus, the Cross, and the Cause
    Papal Support and Approval, getting it straight from the Pope's mouth that this is the best outfit since Jesus and the Fishermen;
    Missionary, to counter that comfortable brand of Catholic priesthood that comes complete with house, housekeeper, car and allowance [they dont realize that the Legion has only one mission in the whole world and they milk it for all they are worth] -if you want to be a real missionary, try the MIssionaries of Africa!