Saturday, July 16, 2011

Garza, Legion Vicar General, Shafted by Vatican

Nice Catholic News Agency tells us nicely that Fr. Garza - who is anything but nice- apparently became a liability, and  is now shafted. You can read all the holy blarney below to learn how nicely that was done in the voice of nice Fr. Alvaro Corcuera -who should be next!- as the Legion continues to massage the information to make it as palatable as possible to its fawning multitudes.

It is encouraging to learn that De Paolis has the necessary testicular fortitude to do this.

It also seems that De Paolis has one velvet glove and another of steel. He had just complained about the dissidents who were hindering his reform and then out of the blue puts Garza  -a person who had seemed to be so on board with the Reforms - to the sword

“America and Canada are countries that I have always admired and I am humbled to serve as territorial director of the united territory,” said Fr. Garza in a statement issued to media July 15.

Only last month Fr. Garza told CNA that he had no intention of stepping down from his post as vicar general – essentially second-in-command of the Legion. Instead, he hinted that there may be a general turnover of the organization’s leadership after their next General Chapter meeting.

Today’s news comes as the Vatican is reviewing both the purpose and constitution of the Legion. That process is being headed up by Italian cleric, Cardinal Velasio De Paolis.

The cardinal was appointed as ‘Papal Delegate’ last year after a Vatican investigation condemned the late founder of the congregation, Fr. Marcial Maciel, as a being guilty of “serious and objectively immoral behavior” as well as “real crimes.”

Fr. Maciel had sexually abused seminarians over many years and fathered several children with different women. He died in 2008, aged 87. The Vatican report summed up his life as “devoid of scruples and of genuine religious feeling.”

“We are working together to face the challenges for our communities and our apostolates around the world, and with particular intensity in the United States and Canada,” said Fr. Alvaro Corcuera, the general director of the Legion.

“We must lay more solid foundations on which to build and re-launch our service to the Church in those countries.”

And so the Legion’s activities in North America that were previously split into two territories – New York and Atlanta – will now merge into one with Fr. Garza at the helm.

“In the consultation, various candidates were considered for the new position. Although both of the current territorial directors have done an extraordinary job, there was broad consensus in favor of Fr. Luis Garza,” said Fr. Corcuera.

Fr. Garza is originally from Monterrey in Mexico. He joined the Legion of Christ in 1978 and was ordained a priest in 1985. He’s been vicar general of the Legion since 1992. His critics have suggested he must have been aware of Fr. Maciel’s misdeeds, a charge Fr. Garza has always denied.

He will take up his new post on August 1.>
The blogger has boldened typical Legion blarney, misinformation, and downright lies from Corcuera. He tells the barefaced lies with such a sweet and innocent look on his face. But for people who love appearances of holiness, that should do the trick.

When was any decision been taken democratically or consensually in the Legion of Christ or when has any thoughtful screening of candidates ever take place! The newly elected is imposed enceremoniously on the present territorial directors in the usual dictatorial way.

Could it be that De Paolis is bowing to pressures from some Legionaries inside to get rid of Garza who has been so disliked for so long?


  1. Countdown for Corcuera: -10, -9,....
    The dissidents have been defeated...

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Why are there so many anonymous around the Legion of Christ? [you dont have to answer, that is a rhetorical question]

    I understand Countdown for Corcuera..
    But not "The dissidents have been defeated"
    "vindicated" you mean?

  3. Read this:
    Fr. Aguilar exiled? His webpage at UPRA university has been removed...

  4. Anonymous previous, thanks for the link to Magister and I see what you mean; good research

  5. Many months ago, an Anonymous wrote in this blog that there was an "intestine war" inside the legion. Now I am reading that something is changing, were they right?

  6. Anonymous said...Now that the Delegate himself has talked of "dissidents" inside the Legion and De Magister has named some suspects this could mean for the first time an "Opposition Party" has been able to spring up inside the Legion; maybe it was only a time that the Legion's expansion -with the inherent inability to control all the minute activities of the members- together with the Internet and other means of communication would allow this to happen. The first dissenters were Dominguez and Ferreira way back circa 1955 -the original whistle blowers- but Maciel's astuteness and the Vatican's ineptness put and end to that.
    Opposition to the official discredited leaders may have led to an "internecine war" [forgive the pedantry] from the Latin, internicere [?] 'kill each other/among themselves'