Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scion of Spanish Aristocracy leaves Legion of Christ ranks

Charismatic preacher, recruiter, founder, and fundraiser Fr. Juan Pedro Oriol

Juan Pedre Oriol, that is Father...has just left the Legion -after 31 years. He the Legion a headache by critiquing it while still in and while going out the door.
See info on life.after.rc and on which will soon carry a full translation of Fr. Juan Pedro's swan song. He has joined the diocese of Guadalajara, Mexico, where he had been working as a Legionary.
Padre Oriol's testimony, full of love and nostalgia for the Legion, for his companions, and respectful towards the current General Director, Fr. Alvaro Corcuera, must make other Catholics reflect and rethink their adhesion to the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christ which are presently being probed, reformed and propped up [?] by Apostolic Delegate, Cardinal De Paolis.
Padre Oriol's testimony is riveting and heartrending

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