Monday, June 6, 2011

Legionaries Despair of Vatican Intervention?

After reading of the "defection" of three more prominent Legionaries in the Atlanta area in the USA on the heels of the departure of the last [?] of the influential Spanish Oriol brothers in Spain and Mexico [Guadalajara] my feelings are mixed. I have fought for years to bring truth to the Legion and Regnum Christi phenomenon but instead of the "gloating" that some might maliciously attribute to me and other critics a strange melancholy prevails.

Legion members will always be our brothers, no matter their attitude to Maciel, Legion and Regnum; leaving the Legion was the hardest thing I ever did in my life, and it must be for them too: so much has been invested for so long. They are brave to leave. They are courageous to carry on with a priesthood which is -though they try to hide it- damaged by the flaunted "Legionary formation" where conscience is often replaced by guilt, and honesty often substituted by lies & deceit for the cause of the kingdom.

These men seem very fine, and they well may be. Blessings to them, their families and friends.

Do I detect in their farewell messages a [an unexpressed]  dissatisfaction with the results of the Vatian Intervention. These men are giving up on the Legion and on the Vatican Reform. They are not sticking around any longer. Reform is too slow and too whimpy and half-hearted. The Vatican appears to not want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs =money and vocations. But as more naive members enter the sack, there is a big hole in the bottom where the sad and wise fall through...


  1. God love them for seeing the light and leaving. You are so right, it takes courage to face the harsh truths that the Legion really isn't and never will be what they hoped it would be. We are all waiting out here in the Catholic world with our arms open wide, ready to welcome the exLCs as they trickle out. Leaving the Legion to serve the Universal Church, which is so starved for priests is a beautiful outcome to a rotten situation, a way to take a wrong and make it right. Let's keep on praying for their freedom!!

  2. Frankly speaking, I think legiornaries (I think we should start writing them with lowercase, coz they are not Catholic priests) can't be considered intelligente people. When they were "Priest" (are we sure they are priest now?) they weren't able to detect the "heresies" of the legion and without Vatican they haven't been able to convert themselves. The problem now is how to consider the legionaries who are leaving the legion. Are they priest? Do you know if Bishops are accepting former legionaries in their dioceses? I knew that in Rome legionaries are not accepted. They are not loved as well.