Monday, May 9, 2011

Maciel and Sodano go Unchecked by Vatican

The reflexions below were prompted by reading "What To Do About Sodano" at

The Vatican is a bit like an English 'old boys club';  there is an 'honor code' an "omerta" in the Vatican, too; they always stick up for each other; they never take public action against each other, and never punish each other -Bernard Law is an example of this -they off loaded him in a way that was not humiliating or detrimental to his 'cardinal dignity'. Maciel is, also and example. After decades of serious accusations including sexual abuse of his own own seminarians and giving them absolution after sex he was investigated. The investigator's report was incriminating. But Fr. Maciel, "a friend of the pope",  was excused from a trial "because of his advanced age and health" and was given a rap on the fingers. He did not follow the recommendations given by the Vatican regarding a life of prayer and penance but the Vatican did not take action. He was allowed to live his last years in peace, and even introduce his lovers to each other and to a select group of Consecrated women in the Regnum Christi Movement and a small group of the Legion hierarchy...Now after a "Vatican Investigation" launched a year ago Fr Maciel's hand picked successors are confirmed in their places and the message given by the Benedict XVI and his right hand man Cardinal De Paolis runs:

Look at all the good Fr. Maciel has done for the Church!" which covers up a multitude of sins. "He was a false prophet but somehow he did a lot of good and the work he bequeathed to the church was essentially good. God used this unfortunate man to do his work on earth. Let us now purify this Work of God of any negative influences Fr. Maciel may have left."

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