Saturday, October 16, 2010

Evaristo Sada Out of Leadership at Legion of Christ ?

Not Resigning Superiors of Legion of Christ..but Changing the Guard

this is the latest from the official blog of the Regnum Christi, one of the new and ever evolving web pages of Fr. Maciel's order.

So, that's the way it is on Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ah, but you have to read all the article to the end. The writer mentions that some

changes have occured [note euphemism/spin]

as in a few Territorial Directors have been removed and

Fr. Evaristo Sada is no longer the Secretary General....

correct me if I am wrong. Maybe he continues as Secretary General or General Secretary....the article said:

"the new assistant to the general director for the apostolate recently arrived. This responsibility used to fall to Fr Evaristo Sada"


  1. At least you are consistent. When they say the sun rises in the East, your commentary will again claim spin.

  2. Yes, words chosen very carefully. Why can't they just be honest? Why the cautious vagueness?

  3. Where is Fr Evaristo Sada? The Legion simply says he's been replaced. I know he didn't disappear in a puff of smoke. No wonder rumors abound - the Legion can't even answer a simple question about the LC leadership without giving the sense they're withholding something. They make it awfully tough to trust them when this is their style of communication.