Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apostolic Delegate has Not yet Begun -Beware of LC Pre-emptive Strikes!

According to this recent article -translated/paraphrased/commented by and courtesy of A.L- the Apostolic Delegate has not really begun his work.

He has only been in the preliminary stages, meeting and getting to know the key players.

This article in Spanish appeared 09/22/10. It says the pope greeted the legionary theology and philosophy studnets who were at the general audience in St. Peters square and said he was praying for them. He used the term "mis amigos legionarios" - my legionary friends, and encouraged them in their studies.
The article says that a high-ranking LC has explained to them that De Paolis has not begun to exercise his authority yet. It confirms that he has met the LC superiors a handful of times since July and indicated he allowed the vocational campaign and ordinations for this year to continue as normal. Besides that he has only given general guidelines to the LC cupula and has not yet entered into specifics.

De Paolis has announced (no source given beyond LCs speaking to the newspaper) that he will take up his position in full at some point this month of September, and this has not yet happened - at least not up until a few days ago. I suppose that is when the paper last spoke to their insider source.

It goes on to mention the frustration of LC members and cites Fr. Peter Byrne's letter. It thinks that the frustration is because De Paolis has not taken stepped into his role quite yet.

This would explain the recent campaign for control: business as usual - which has been shown in the talk by Luis Garza in Monterrey and the thing written by Kramarz in the LC internal "magazine". I believe this to be a pre-emptive strike

It also mentions something startling - a high ranking LC has revealed that they are removing all public images of maciel and that this is an order from above to all legionary centres and colleges etc but they CANNOT make members remove personal photos or pictures of maciel by decree. He admitted a tolerance towards simple pictures and photos of maciel because they are part of the history and cannot be denied.

I am not sure if he means photos of LCs with Maciel or who the "they" are that referred to - the LCs or the photos?

Ironically the Legion can decree that they have no photos as part of LC poverty also they don't need to decree it - surely LC obedience was not based on decrees?!


  1. Beware of SDP Noticias, they are interested in truth and fairness as much as Maciel was interested in chastity and humility. Usually an extremely leftist and communist site.

  2. Dear Beware,
    you may be right.
    though, as you see, the article does not reveal any particularly unsavorly information about the LC that we did not already know in some way from other sources.
    Please stay in touch