Wednesday, August 18, 2010

De Paolis Pally with Legion! [plus a little translation]

[Anonymous asked me to translate more; today, Thursday, August 19, 2010, I edit from Nags Head NC]

I was complaining about the Apostolic Delegate cozying up to the Legionaries and 'not getting it' regarding how to reform them. I cite a recent posting on the Internet as painting a benign picture of De Paolis intervention.

IMHO He initially got off on the wrong foot with a very friendly first homily to the community in Rome about a month ago telling them not to worry about anything...

A recent posting on Legion-friendly Ex Legionarios de Cristo, Ex Legionaries of Christ blog states, quoting NOTIMEX that he has confirmed ordinations for December, approved the list of candidates and approved other Apostolic endeavors.

Please Note Carefully below: "Legion sources confirmed to Notimex that..."

So, perhaps we need to confirm with another source. But, it is not looking good for Arch Velasio de Paolis

16 de agosto. Delegado Apostólico aprueba los candidatados, cursillos de verano y ordenaciones.

Original source:

"Ratifica comisario papal ordenaciones de nuevos Legionarios de Cristo

Por Andres Beltramo Alvarez.

Corresponsal Ciudad del Vaticano, 16 Ago (Notimex).

- El comisario pontificio para los Legionarios de Cristo, Velasio De Paolis, decidio ratificar las ordenaciones de nuevos sacerdotes de la congregacion, las cuales se llevaran a cabo el 24 de diciembre proximo en Roma.

[Translation of final paragraph]
Legion sources confirmed to Notimex that one of the Apostolic Delegate's first decisions was to keep in place all the vocation promotion processes, accept new novices, and to ordain a group of deacons to the priesthood.
Fuentes de la Legion confirmaron a Notimex que una de las primeras decisiones del delegado apostolico fue mantener inalterados todos los procesos de promocion vocacional, aceptacion a nuevos novicios y elevacion de diaconos a la dignidad de presbiteros"


  1. I love it that you report these things, but can you please offer English translations, or at least a Cliff's notes version? Thanks!

  2. I have included my translation of an important paragraph