Thursday, July 22, 2010

De Paolis Duped by the Legion of Christ?

Let's me honest; the saccharine homily delivered by Apostolic Delegate to the Legion community in Rome, mid July,  just does not cut the mustard.
It is like a step back from the Vatican statement of May 1st. It is frankly confusing for parents and concerned Catholics

What was it about?
  • Assuring rank and file that they had nothing to worry about?
  • Prevent a stampede for the doors?
  • Continue to have Orthodox Catholics believe the Legion is still a safe bet?
What it does not address:
  • What about the Maciel coverup by Superiors?
  • What about Apostolic Schools still operating?
  • What about ongoing recruitment and ordinations of poorly prepared seminarians?
  • What about the serious allegations of the Legion being a cult or an intra-Catholic sect?
  • What about concerns voiced by several Bishops, local ordinaries in the USA and other countries?

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