Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1 - STOP Admissions to Novitiate, Professions, Ordinations without Permission of Delegate

Stop business as usual in the Legion of Christ

In the interlude between announcement of Apostolic Delegate and his actually taking the position the Legion pushed ahead with recruitment, ordinations, etc. Now they have to get the Apostolic Delegate's permission

only he [the Apostolic Delegate] can approve the decisions of the general government itself: decisions regarding persons (admission to novitiate, profession, priesthood; appointment and transfer of personnel); apostolic and formation choices (seminaries, academic institutions, schools), and extraordinary administrative matters or the disposal of assets.


  1. This is obvious. If they want to "save" THE SEMINARIANS VOCATIONS, encourage those in vows to consider transfering to other, mainline, religious communities and then assist in the process. Send the kiddies home to mom and dad with some follow up to help them descern the possibility of a call at least one year after high school graduation. Work with those who have been most indoctrinated and need lots of attention. Without the diestraction of the seminarians see if those who are professed and ordained can work thiis out.
    If by some miracle they can then allow them to admit adult candidates AFTER they have the churches good housekeeping seal of approval.