Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brutal Deceit by Legion of Christ Continues

Please visit and comment on my previous post: Get my Loved Ones Out!

I would like to be able to build on it; a number of relatives of members are asking for the magic formula to get their loved ones out of the cult

My thought/headline of the week: Legion of Christ Deceitfully Defends Maciel and Self

We have read a lot involving LC defense of Maciel and the group, along the lines of he was a sinner, human frailty, King David, etc. beside the plate in the head excuse -you probably remember more...

By focusing public/Catholic attention on this whole sinner thing they are diverting attention from the issue: How can a man who is humanly, morally and psychologically bankrupt have a positive charism? If they continue to insist on that there is still some kind of positive charism, i can only exclaim, like the man in the Gospels, "I believe, Legion, help thou my unbelief".

Moreover, if we search deeper for Maciel's real "charism", we find the almost diabolical capacity to deceive people, and which seems to have been inherited by the group. Paraphrasing Jose Barba in his recent Univision appearance* where he described and acknowledged Maciel's brutal sexual assault which made his penis bleed; "Yes, but the way he was able to deceive people; now, that is brutal"


*THE SINS OF FATHER MACIEL, Spanish language Univision "Aqui y Ahora" aired 3/3/09 featuring victims Jose Barba, PhD, and Juan Jose Vaca M.A. [Past introductory commercials]


  1. Interesting. I cannot access the video. It says it is only available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. I am in Mexico. Makes me think!! But then I am a conspiracy theorist anyway. Is Mexico still protecting him?

    All of the priests in Cancun are LC. Feel sorry for the poor duped guys--well, a little anyway. Mexico has a history of priests with something on the side. (Miguel Hidalgo comes to mind.) Doubt if his "sins" will be taken as seriously as they might be in other countries.

  2. Jim,
    sorry you could not get that video link
    maybe it only works from inside the usa
    It was aired last Tuesday on a program Aqui y Ahora ? Sergio Ramos?

  3. Mejor/better link:

  4. Thanks for the feedback and help. It still won't open--must recognize my IP address

  5. There was a statement promised from the Legion by Wednesday last week. Does anybody know what happened, why it wasn't released?

  6. Ed, thank you very much for your question; I was one of the few not waiting with bathed breath; I refused to play hide and seek with Superior General, Alvaro Corcuera;

    it seemed to me like some kind of Narcissistic exercise on the Legion's part making themselves important
    whetting the media's appetite.

    The Legion is a lot about image, public image, and outsmarting others.

    I refuse to play their games.

    I hardly ever believe anything people in authority in the LC and RC say.

    or I play with Fr. Alvaro -not the way Maciel used to!- and say "I believe, Fr. Alvaro, help thou my unbelief!"

  7. Please comment on How to get members out of the Movement and how to help exiting members

  8. Anoymous,
    that's a tall order...
    Helping exiting members is easier than trying to get someone out.
    there is quite a lot written about his on the webpage and through reFOCUS, the link is here, I believe.
    EXITING members need:

    Understanding, acceptance and listening for friends and family

    [no judging and keep advice to a minimum; give them a lot of privacy with suport and freedom to start finding their own way out of the woods; dont push, dont force...]

    May need material help such as money, a place to stay, and a job

    Pastoral and/or psychological counseling -they may be suffering from Depression, Anxiety and or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder