Thursday, February 12, 2009

No separating Legion from Founder

Summarizing a lot of very recent emails from Legionaries among themselves, a lot in Spanish -the official language together with Latin and double-talk, and to their ideologically and emotionlly dependent members of Regnum Christ:

"What can i say about Fr. Maciel?
In my 25 years in the Legion never did I see one bad example.
Everything I have and I am I owe to him.
His fruits are myriad: seminarians, priests, consecrated men and women, schools, universities, institutes; multiple apostolates; respect and appreciation of Catholic Church hierarchy and authorities, strong financial support of rich US Catholics like Hannah and Monaghan, of politicians like Jeb Bush, William Bennet...
Our Superior General received direct messages from Jesus and from Pope Benedict that we should soldier on without flinching. This is our mission, our charism."

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