Friday, April 18, 2008

Second Journey

The Second Journey
by O'Collins, Gerald, a book
given to me by Dec in December 1984 helped me through the crisis of leaving Fr. Maciel and the Legion of Christ, leaving that second -oppressive- womb, and transitioning out of my prolonged youth into manhood. It was a bumpy trip. But no regrets. I did it my way!


  1. I have to post a comment because nobody else will

  2. Seriously, that book was given to me by a good friend, Dec. His support was essential during that transition when I had to hightail it out of Mexico where the Legion of Christ was so strong and where my friends were influenced by it. Once I confronted the holy guru, Maciel, I felt that my "friends" would abandon me for doing the unthinkable.
    The book made a deep impression and it was my "bible" for months during my "recovery" for what had been my 23 year life in a High Demand group.
    Dec also helped me to get from point A to point B, point A being Mexico City and Chetumal, point B being Washington DC where I could start to put Humpty Dumpty together again!