Monday, February 22, 2010

"Thou Shalt Not Criticize the Legion and the Regnum Christi" (Private Vow)

[Original post's title modified and original photo taken down by request of family and family friends;
many edits made to text to protect families' anonymity]





"Some of you will recognize the Legionaries in the photo as Fr. Gomez and Fr. Bailleres. They are obviously visiting someone's home. It is the home of the L and L clan, who as far as I know, are one of the biggest sources of LC/RC supporters in Michigan.

My question is why is Fr. Bailleres in Michigan and what is up with Fr. Gomez that he won't even look at the camera? As far as I know, the picture is recent, because it looks like snow behind them, and it just appeared today.

This makes me think they are doing some kind of damage control [...]. Either that, or they are recruiting."


  1. Whoever wrote this has the whole thing way out of context, has wrong info, and is making absolutely false statements to mislead whoever reads this.

    First off, I was never kicked out of the Legion, I chose not to return because of my heart condition, and I am so happy with MY, I repeat MY decision. I simply did not want to go back and my superiors were good with that and never had any objection at all.

    Secondly, Fr. Gomez had food in his mouth at the time and had just taken a bite, we laughed about that after the picture was taken

    Third, "Damage Control"??? What the heck?

    Fourth, dude, learn how to understand a joke between friends when you read a comment on forgot to mention that the abbreviation LOL was used after which usually implies just kidding....

    Lastly, I would appreciate if you would take this down, because, you have it all wrong and you are misleading people. thanks

  2. How is the life in Rome?

  3. Thanks everyone for their interest in this posting which was taken from Facebook which appears to be in the public forum.
    I have just modified it to some degree "to take the edge off it" and to minimize the personal damage.
    Although the family may deny any fundraising or recruiting intentions in the fathers, it nevertheless stands to reason that if there already exists a "fundrasing and recruiting" relationship between them and the families, any contact - whether they are invited, invite themselves or drop in casually -can be interpreted as continuing to "cultivate" the families for money or children in the Legion style.

  4. I have made a second series of edits to the original posting - which itself was a straighforward comment by an former member of the Legion/Regnum Movement, and therefore just an opinion and interpretation of another posting or facts - in order to accommodate requests from Anonymous1

  5. 3 Modification made to appease family and friends of Legionary benefactors; strenuously trying to defend posters First Amendment Rights

  6. Hello. I came across your blog from a recent internet search and I was very disappointed. What it appears to me, is that you took a photo from someone without their permission and then made false statements about it. You quote yourself as saying "As far as I know" twice in your article. That just shows that you have no knowledge about the situation at hand. If you want to be an informant, you should at least have your facts straight. All it does is make you look unprofessional and to be perfectly honest, like a liar. I know that as a first time reader of your blog, I was not impressed. You also need to be careful with making false satements. There are two things called plagerism and defamation of character, which someone could sue you for. I doubt the family with which you speak of would bother trying to sue you, but I know that there are people out there that would.

  7. Dear S. Miller,
    I question your opening statement, and therefore all the rest of your message:
    "I came across your blog from a recent internet search..."
    In reality your message sounds like the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi good old boys trying to silence a dissident.
    I have been sued by the Legion and I know they are capable of anything.
    Did you know I had been sued already by the holy men of God?

  8. Dear S. Miller,
    could I sue you for not knowing how to spell Engish?
    and for you and for your LC/RC loving friends:
    Are postings on Facebook Private?
    What false statements?
    What plagiarism [properly spelled]?
    What difamation of character [properly spelled]
    Are you a product of Legion schools?

  9. Funny you keep making statements about who benefacts the Legion in Michigan. If you really did your research you would see that the above families you are talking about are benefactors to a great Catholic School (non-Legionary).

    I sense much hate in your heart...that is not healthy from a medical stand point. It causes much stress and that is bad for your mind and different organs in the body, along with your mortal soul.

    Maybe focus your energies on more positive things so you can become a happier person mentally and physically and have a long healthy life. Smile.....It's contagious :)

  10. Anonymous 4 or 5 Legion Supporter
    thanks for your Health Suggestions

    Once more Legion/Regnum defenders make personal attacks on those who disagree or dare to speak out.

    You assume -a common LC/RC mistake - there is "much hate" in my heart. What about yours? Pure as the driven snow, no animosity, no anger, only loving kindness...?

    Then you go on to give me advice in a very condescending way. How you have been influenced by the "Legion formation" Myth.

    Again, you assume I am not happy. Why? Because I criticize the Legion/Regnum and those who have been duped by the Pedophile Founder and his Followers?

  11. Hello,

    I went on trips with Fr. Gomez since I was in fifth grade. The guy is just a bunch of fun and brings God in it. He is not camera-friendly at all, and never was, I don’t think that is because of anything other than being introverted at times and hatred for attention. To the editor, I think you are reading way too much into this.

    Also I went on trips with the family that you call L and L, great family, shouldn’t be bashing them at all and respect the family’s wishes to have this article taken down. Fr. Gomez hardly ever mentioned anything about vocations; it was his example that always encouraged me. My 6 years of experiences with Gomez have always been good ones. Thanks.

  12. Dear Anonymous 1 2 3 4 5 6...10000000
    I agree with irishmexican43! I think that all of you are members of RC who don't want that the good name of the hottest priest of history is damaged. I feel very strongly that all your statement are false, because the pain of irishmexican43 is still big and you should help and understand him. U are not under the influence of RC/LC, you are too stupid to be... :D
    If you read a book in your life (I mean a catholic book which shouldn't be a Maciel's book), you would have understood that it is important to help people who have pains in their heart, and not to pull their legs. You should start an deep examination of conscience, if you have one (I don't think you have it, but I believe in miracles....)
    Anyway, I think that a priest who needs to be defended by his nice mummy is not a man.
    Your in Christ and viva Mexico!
    Edmond Dantes

  13. Edmond,
    Dude, I wrote one of the above statements, i have no respect for Maciel, but none, and am not to be affiliated with the LC/Movement anymore. All I am saying is that I know this family and many know the "L&L's from Michigan." I think this is very unfair to include them in this blog because they have supported some Legionaries throughout the years.
    And by the way, Paul, I understnad your hurt, no one is denying that, we are all frustrated with what has gone on, I really mean this, and believe me, without telling TMI, I do feel your pain.

  14. Dear Anonynous,
    Adveniat Regnum Tuum!
    Thank you very much for your answer. I think you are wrong. I hope you have read Simone Weil and you have understood the importance of the attention. I don't think that the families Leahy and LeBlanc are good Christians, despite they gave a lot of money to the Church (by the way, I remember you that protestant have arisen from a similar issue). They should have helped irishmexican43 and understood him, but they just accused him. Is this the best way to help a man with a big pain in his heart? Do they think to be the best Christian on the earth? Are they independent judges (despite they think so)????
    I think they are guilty! They shared their house with Legionaries of Christ, who considered an homosexual, paedophile fathered mad person as a Saint. What do you need more to condemn them????
    They are lucky that Tomás de Torquemada died several years ago!
    We should pray for their superficiality.
    Your in Christ and Viva Mexico!
    Edmond Dantes

  15. the blogger has taken down identifying messages from the Anonymous L & L family.

  16. Edmond,
    Alot of us were mislead, even the L&L family. They are not supporters of the Legion, nor Maciel, they just don't feel it fair to have their name on a blog that they did not ask to be part of. No one is accusing Paul Lennon either, just remove this article that still has falsities in it. Thank you.

  17. Dear Anonymous,
    I am happy they are not supporter of Legion, but if you read the article, irishmexican43 supposed that they was helping (How???? Sorry, but I can't help laughing...) the guy. They asked to remove the photos, due to privacy I suppose, but It is a right of irishmexican43 to write what he wrote. He didn't accused anyone, he just reported what he discovered. He deleted all of part that the L&L asked to remove. He was really polite. I can't understand why other supporters of RC started accused him, and to have a so unfair behaviour. They were really anti-Christian an good member of RC, I suppose.
    ATR and Viva Mexico!

  18. Dear Edmond,
    I appreciate you coming into the discussion. I feel these Legion lovers are ganging up on me.
    "No son machos pero muchos"
    I believe what you are saying is correct; they are just not accustomed to being challenged. They do not want to take any flack for being associated with Fr. Maciel and the Order presently under investigation by the Vatican. I suppose that when the Investigation is over they will apologize to me again like they did when they found out that Nuestro Padre was a Pedophile Fraud. They do not want to admit that he did not act alone but that he was aided and abetted by accomplices, many of whom are presently Superiors in the Legion. Some superiors are guilty of sins of silence and omission.

  19. Dear Irishmexican43,
    I apologize to you for the pain that Fr. Maciel and LC gave you. I can just pray for your pain, and I would tell you that I can understand how big your pain has been for decades. I think we should forgive them for part of their behaviour, they may have been hurt by our conclusion, because they are confused by LC who are the worst liars I have ever met.
    Take a care!
    Your in Christ and Viva Mexico!

  20. Dear Edmond,
    gracias de nuevo.
    But these folks are so proud they think they have the 'exclusiva' on Christ, Christianity and the Catholic Church.
    By the way, my pain is pretty much healed by now. Because without the Legion and the Movement God is Great and Powerful.
    Jesus does not need these Pharisees in the Church.

  21. Two more posts taken down to eliminate the names of these families in Michigan who have supported the Legion and the Regnum Christi with money and children; their advocated say they no longer do this but that is hard to believe. After all, they did allow important Legionary priests into their home.
    I ask that this family be more pro active in distancing itself from Maciel and his cohorts and not allow themselves to be used.
    Many of the Legion actions right now are "business as usual" as they want to continue to expand and increase funding. A visit to such a prominent Catholic Family as the L&Ls gives a message to other rich Catholic Families that all is well and encourages them to continue to give large quantities of money to the Legion. The criticism is of these families either Aiding and Abetting or being Duped by Fr. Bailleres and other "damage control experts"

  22. I really don’t think the family you speak of is linked with Maciel at all, in fact, I know so. I will say they are affiliated with the Legion, but not Maciel. I have talked with LC priest and the the Legion of Christ is no longer Maciel, thank God!!!!
    Just so you know, I am not RC or LC, so please do not say I have RC/LC empathy or that I am swayed by them, but I do love my Church and I am concerned about it.
    I have the same opinion as you, that the order was devastatingly focused on Maciel before, but there is no mention of him to any further extent. Paul, the whole order and situation is being put in the hands of the Vatican. I do not know where you stand now as far as your Catholicism, but isn’t that why the Holy See exist? Aren’t they watching over its Church and the orders that belong to it? So I think the best thing to do is to see what happens after this. I ask these questions out of curiosity not as a deprecating statement. I think that it is being handled as it should.
    Besides all this, Paul, I understand that you are hurting, and that there is a knife that tore you apart. I can see how you might hold hatred, anger and frustration towards the Legion of Christ, but now what? I ask you sincerely, what do you think they should do? They have an order, a movement, and priests, consecrated, should it all just disperse? What do you think should happen? And if you think it should be reformed, isn’t that what is happening?

  23. Hi, I am aware of the mass and lunch that the LC priest were attended. They were personally invited and damage control was not the intent. Fr. Anthony’s a director of religious life in that territory (Atlanta Territory, which includes Michigan) so he has a motive for being in Michigan.

  24. excuse my poor English with the above statement.


    Dear Anonymouses,
    you do realize that some of you have tried to identify the blogger by name while the blogger has never tried to identify you if you have not identified yourself. The blogger has also respected the privacy and confidentiality of correspondence.

    # 2
    Some, in their zeal to defend the Legion AT ALL COSTS, have shown a lack Christian Charity towards the blogger by attacking his PERSON in some way. Is the Legion more important than respect and Charity?

  26. Dear Anonymous,
    I am appreciating your efforts to help Irishmexican43, but I think your is the worst way to get your goal.
    Frnakly speaking I think that now is too late to start rebuilding a relationship (You know how the LC worked: if you are with us, ok, if you don't it's your problem, you'll burn in hell.). It is also true that LC and RC believed to be the greatest catholic Christians on the earth and to have the 'exclusiva' on Christ. Besides, as you can read in the previous comments, the champions of charity (RC members) are happy to help you if you have a problem (this make themselves proud of their faith) as long as you don't critic them. If you touch Maciel or LC (still nowadays), they tend to become snob and aggressive. I think you are a good person, but if you say to a person who is angry: "You are angry, stop being it!", you are not helping him and he becames more and more aggressive.
    Paul asked for apologizes and he obtained just insults by LC and RC, yesterday, and now, when he is right, RC members accuse him of being angry... (it's really funny, don't you think?).
    I think that the responsabilities of LC are huge and at the same time also the responsabilities of RC supporters, who are often unsensitive (too interested in being a good Pharesee), are really really big. I suggest the silence, but I am sure that RC supporters will argue with it, because now they have to apologize and they, as the immature babies, don't want to do it.
    Your in Christ and Viva Mexico
    Edmond Dantes

  27. Thanks, Edmond,
    It is clear from the above discussion that when a person questions or challenges the Legion, the Regnum Christi and its leadership, the "Defenders of the Faith" attack the character of the person, claiming s/he is either wrong or ill in some way. "If you challenge the Legion/Regnum there has to be something wrong with you".
    If you insist they threaten to sue you, and sometimes they actually do.
    Very similar to the tactics of Scientology, a cult-like organization.

  28. Anonymous, you are absolutely right. Similar to Scientology. To be more precise, if you read Animal farm, George Orwell's masterpiece, you'll can note how well the Animal farm model fits the Legion model (Maciel=Napoleon, LCs=pigs, Consecrated women=sheep and so on...). This is something really really bad. How did it happens in Catholic Church?
    Your in Christ and Viva Mexico!
    Edmond Dantes

  29. Dear Edmond,
    thanks for pointing me in the direction of Animal Farm; I had been told that before; I need to take another look at that

    I have also been told that "People of the Lie" by Scott Peck contains very good insights into certain organizations, maybe now more than before when it is public knowledge that Maciel was a complete liar and deceiver, un embustero total.

  30. Thank you for your literature suggestion ;)
    Enjoy yourself!
    Your in Christ and Viva Mexico!
    Edmond Dantes

  31. What it comes down to is this...don't post things on facebook that you don't want the whole world to see.

  32. The above statement from the anonymous makes sense, but really, people have to grow up. I mean, copying people's pics and putting them up on a blog, and telling half true information is, in my opinion, as cheap as the magazine rack at the grocery store.

    I read this blog from when it first came out, the majority of the info was false to begin with and the first anonymous statement seemed to be the person in the pic.

    Then the blogger had to keep changing the information because it was false, i.e. "He had a heart attack and was kicked out of the Legion." Is that statement true or false now that you took it out.

    Secondly, the blogger found it not just that someone attmepted to call him by name. Mr. Blogger, is it just that you mention the L&L's from Michigan? And from the first time I read it you mentioned their name.

    And, if you call me a Maciel supporter in your response or a Legionary sympathizer or any crap like that, I AM NOT!!!! I am just following this blog thats all, I have nothing to do with the Legion....So don't say I lack CHARITY that the Legion preaches, I don't know what exactly you mean by that, I am not LC or RC.

    By the way, I want to know what the bloggers response is to the questions made earlier by some anonymous, you kind of drifted away from the question, about what the Legion should do now, after all aren't they having a visitation now that that founder is dead?

    Lookin forward to your response. Thanks.

  33. Matthew 5: 43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy.’ 44 “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 “For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? 47 “If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? 48 “Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

    I believe I know both men accused in the original post and, in my opinion, this is shameful. It appears that the intent was to ridicule and embarrass. Clearly, the blogger does not know either man.

    I pray that someday you will forgive any and all offenses and move on with your life. Please forgive my mis-spelled words. I recognize how much that upsets you too.

  34. Dear Anonymous,
    I disagree with you, because you forgot that LCs said so many lies that we can't count them.... I invite you the be much more honest. I also read the post, and the blogger hasn't defamed anyone. It has just supposed what those LCs was doing there... Anyway, this is not the point.
    If you don't want to share such a type of information, you don't put it on Facebook.
    Your in Christ and Viva Mexico!
    Edmond Dantes

  35. Bottom line is LC/RC's were always trained to defend and never to apologize. Kinda sad.

  36. wondering...
    Can a Narcissist really apologize?

  37. Can I ask you, why did the Legion get rid of Brother Paul King (now a priest in South Dakota)??